Thanks for your interest in flexiwrite. Sadly, I'm no longer able to devote the time or money needed to take this application forward. If you are interested in taking on/acquiring the project please contact me on enquiries@flexiwrite.com before 11/02/2022.

If you are a user of Flexiwrite then thank you. Flexiwrite will continue to work on your machines as usual. However I would advise you to create a backup of the application in case you need to reinstall it, as it may not be available to download going forward. I'd also advise you to export important Flexiwrite documents as webpages before any operating system upgrade or similar, in case Flexiwrite is not compatible with the new version of your operating system.

Create, edit and read beautiful documents that mould themselves to your display, allowing text to scroll while headings and images remain visible.  Export them as responsive webpages so they can be read on any device with a browser.

A revolution in word processing.  Revolutionized.

FlexiWrite 2-00-01 Alder.

Format whole documents with a few clicks.  New formatting options like background colour and margin, plus themes for an instant document makeover.  Choose layouts to suit your content.  Add multiple images per section.  And more.

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