Version 02-00-00 Beta.  This version is intended for testing purposes - use for creating, editing and reading 'real-world' documents is at your own risk.  The latest stable version is available here  .

FlexiWrite is the world's first display-optimised rather than print optimised word processor. This version adds great new features like document-wide formatting, choice of layouts, and the option to add multiple images per section.

Please help me beta test it. I'm looking for details of any bugs and also general feedback. I'm also looking for screenshots to see how it looks on different systems.

I'm offering a free pro license key to anyone taking part in the beta testing program!  This will be valid for the beta version(s) and all stable releases of versions 2-00-XX and gives access to additional features like inserting links, locking documents, and extra layouts and themes.

Please download the beta testing pack here.  This contains instructions for beta testing and space to write the results of your beta testing.  Then download the FlexiWrite version for your operating system, below.

Operating System
FlexiWrite downloads
System requirements
Download for Windows (installed & portable)
Windows 7, SP1 or later
250MB disc space
Java 11 (link provided)
Download for Mac (installed)
Download for Mac (portable)
Mac OS X / macOS 10.11 or later
250MB disc space
Download for Linux (installed & portable) Oracle or Red Hat 6.x or later, Ubuntu 18.04 or later, etc.
250MB disc space
Java 11 (link provided)

If you find flexiwrite 2-00-00 Beta will not install or run, please contact me here.
Additional documents available:
In depth guide (DFTI)
In depth guide (WEB)
Example document (Off-Grid...) (DFTI)
Example document (Off-Grid...) (WEB)
Comments on, and screenshots of, these documents are also welcome!

What's new in this version?