About the project

FlexiWriteTM is the brainchild of Samuel Green who is currently it's sole developer.

The story of FlexiWrite began back in the late 2000s, when, studying Biology, I realized that the word processors being used were principally designed for producing documents for printing, and, as a result, were sub-optimal for use on computer displays.  And worse, this not only inconvenienced people, it meant documents were being printed that didn't need to be.  That meant trees felled and forests destroyed.  As a passionate environmentalist, I began thinking about ways the application windows could be reorganized, for example to create more vertical space for the page by moving toolbars to the side of the window. 

But then I realized the problem was far more fundamental.  Virtual representations of sheets of paper just don't work well on a computer display.  You can't spread them out so you have to scroll back and forth to refer to different parts of the content.  And they make poor use of the dynamic nature of a display.  A picture on a piece of paper stays in the same place relative to text and other content.  But on a display, there's no need for it to do so.

The goal with FlexiWrite is to create a reading experience that is not only superior to reading from a conventional word processor on-display, but also superior to reading from a hard copy.  I hope you'll agree, that in many ways I've achieved this goal.  But I'm also aware of features that could be added and aspects that could be improved.  It takes many hours to develop a program like this and will take many more to keep improving it.  I'm self employed with this, and with my other position, so I can vary the amount of time I spend on each, but I can only afford to spend more time on FlexiWrite with funding.  I offer the program for free as I believe it's essential for everyone to be able to use it so others can send out documents without fear of them going unread because others don't have FlexiWrite.  I'm committed to providing a free version for the foreseeable future.  But I have to raise money for the project, so that's why I'm reserving certain features for Pro users who purchase a Pro license key.  If you'd like to use these features please support the project; buy a Pro license key here.  And remember, sharing or publishing a Pro license key is denying me a living and denying this project the investment of time and money that it deserves.

FlexiWriteTM is commercial software, not open source.  It is copyrighted and copyright is registered with The UK Copyright Service.  Please respect this.  The licence agreement is available here and bundled with the application.

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