About the project

FlexiWriteTM is the brainchild of Samuel Green who is currently it's sole developer and the company's Managing Director.  FlexiWriteTM was created out of a desire to reduce printing and so save trees.  It is intended to achieve this by creating a reading experience that is not only superior to reading from a conventional word processor on-screen, but also superior to reading from a hard copy.

FlexiWriteTM is commercial software, not open source.  It is copyrighted and copyright is registered with The UK Copyright Service.  Please respect this.  The licence agreement is available here and bundled with the application.

We offer FlexiWriteTM for free as we believe it is the future of word processing and would like everyone to be able to experience it for themselves.  But all projects need funding.  It takes many hours to develop a program like this and will take many more to keep improving it.  Our only source of funding is donations from people like you, so if you like FlexiWriteTM, and/or find it useful, please consider clicking the link above or left and making a donation.