Help setting up dictionaries

1. Download a word list.

Download a suitable word list.  The plain text word lists at the sites linked below are suitable for use with FlexiWrite.  Please note that I have not checked them for accuracy or comprehensiveness - their inclusion should only be taken as indication that they meet the technical requirements for use with FlexiWrite.  Furthermore the links are to third party websites - I do not have any control over their content and accept no liability relating to this. has suitable word lists in the following languages: English (UK & US), Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swiss German.  Please download the TEXT file for your language. (English only).

You can use word lists not listed above providing they meet the following criteria:  plain text file with list of words in the required language, no definitions, no phonetics and all words separated by spaces or line breaks.  Please note that larger files with more words will take longer to load the first time you use Spell Check in each session.

I would be grateful if you can supply any additional links to suitable word lists.  Please send them to .  Please state which languages they offer.

2. If the word list is in a zipped folder (filename ending in .zip), unzip it. It will normally be in your 'Downloads' folder or similar.  You can normally do this by double clicking the zipped folder.  You will then see a folder containing your word list.

3. Launch FlexiWrite if it is not already running.

4. Click 'Tools' in the menu bar, then go to 'Spell Check', and click 'Choose Dictionary'.

5. Use the 'Open' dialogue that appears, to navigate to and select the word list you downloaded in Step 1.  This will normally be in your 'Downloads' folder or similar.  Click 'Open' on the 'Open' dialogue.

6. You will see a dialogue asking if you want to make this the default dictionary.

If you choose 'Yes', your chosen word list will be saved as the default dictionary for use with FlexiWrite.  You will then be able to use this dictionary with Spell Check without having to follow the steps above to locate it on your system each session.  Please note this may not work if you are using a shared or public computer, and you may have to locate the dictionary the first time you use Spell Check in each session.

If you choose 'No' your chosen word list will only be used in this session and in subsequent sessions FlexiWrite will revert to using the most recent dictionary that you set as default.  This is useful if, for example you occasionally write in a different language from your usual.

7. You will then see a dialogue asking if you would like to load the dictionary.  Click 'OK'.  The dictionary may take several minutes to load depending on the file size.  During this time FlexiWrite will not respond to any mouse clicks, or other input.

8. You can now use Spell Check by selecting from the options under 'Tools', 'Spell Check'.


 - If you click 'Spell Check current Section', 'Spell Check current Chapter' or 'Spell Check whole Document', and no default dictionary is found, you will see a dialogue asking if you would like to locate a dictionary.  Clicking 'Yes' will take you to Step 5 above.

 - You can change dictionary at any time by following Steps 1-8 above (or 3-8 if you already have the word list).  Click 'No' in Step 6 if you only want to use the dictionary in the current session and revert to the previous dictionary after you close and relaunch FlexiWrite.

 - I recommend that you backup you word lists.  This means you can easily reset them as default after using a different dictionary or replacing your computer.

 - If you add words to a word list, you will have to follow Steps 4-8 again before FlexiWrite will recognise the added words.