FlexiWriteTM for the web

If there's one thing worse than conventional word processors, it's surely page-turning apps. How often have you wanted to look at something like a catalogue online, only to find the text and images are tiny, requiring you to zoom in just to read the text? Worse still, once you've zoomed in, you then have to drag the page from side to side, just be able to read each whole line of text!

I for one am at a loss to know how anyone could have designed something so awful. And yet people keep using them. If you use one, think how may customers you are losing because your online user experience is so bad.

But there's good news. Now FlexiWrite has the option to add multiple images per section, and export documents as webpages, it's the perfect replacement for page-turning apps. Allowing readers to browse easily though your content, reading comfortably-sized text and viewing relevant images.

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