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Overview of what's new in Version 01-03-00

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Version 01-03-00: What’s new:

- Enjoy the following new features with or without a Pro licence key (all versions):

- - Export documents as webpages.

- - - The beautiful webpages produced by FlexiWrite look and feel just like FlexiWrite's native .dfti documents, but use open web technologies (html and css) so you can put them on the web and anyone can read them in a browser without having to download FlexiWrite.

- - - The documents are fully responsive so they look just as good, and work just as well, on a smart phone or tablet as they do on a desktop or laptop.

- - Improved open and save dialogues with quicker, easier navigation and more options.

- - Insert Chapters and Sections before current. This means it is now possible to add Chapters at the beginning of a Document and Sections at the beginning of a Chapter. Previously it was only possible to add Chapters and Sections after the currently displayed one.

- - Change case function. Options are: lower case, UPPER CASE, Initial upper case. Rest lower case, Initial upper case. Rest As Typed.

- - Various minor improvements.

- Mac versions only:

- - Menus are now in the Mac menu bar at the top of the display.

- - 'About FlexiWrite' menu item in 'FlexiWrite' menu works correctly.

- - Quitting FlexiWrite from 'FlexiWrite' menu or Dock icon menu works correctly, offering to save each open Document in turn and deleting temporary folders.

- - Access to files in iCloud.

- Fixes the following bug (all versions):

- - Fixes a bug that sometimes caused images to be copied to the first Section of a new Chapter from elsewhere in the Document.

- New 'Pro' licence key available, giving access to the following exclusive features:

- - Support for multi-instancing - view and work on more than one .dfti document at a time. Just click 'File', 'New Document' to open an additional window.

- - Lock .dfti documents (make read-only) to prevent editing by your readers.*

- - - Other FlexiWrite Pro users can unlock the documents if the author provides them with the key file produced when locking the document.

- - Add hyperlinks to your documents.

- - - Links to webpages and email addresses work both in FlexiWrite (locked .dfti documents only), and in the exported webpages. Links to phone numbers work only on exported webpages viewed on certain devices.

- - Export images from unlocked .dfti documents. (Note that images from other authors are likely to be subject to copyright.)

Visit flexiwrite.com to get your Pro licence key.

You'll find information about each of these features in individual Sections within this Document. If you are familiar with previous versions of FlexiWrite you might want to focus on these Sections rather than reading right through the Document. To make this easier, I've started the Section Names of Sections covering new features with the word 'New', so you can see them straight away when viewing the Contents.

I hope you enjoy using this version!

* Prevents editing using current/recent versions of FlexiWrite (except font size). Determined and technically accomplished individuals may be able to edit the documents using other software.

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