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What was new in Version 01-02-00

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Version 01-02-00: What’s new:

- Option to reduce image dimensions (in pixels) to a range of predefined sizes. This reduces file size and speeds up Section loading. Saves to file.*

- Reader can select between three image-holder sizes to optimise use of screen-space. Images will then scale to fit the holder. Or select automatic to allow FlexiWrite to choose the best image-holder size for each image. Does not save to file.

- Rotate image clockwise or anti-clockwise. Saves to file.

- Option to show images in the automatic Table of Contents.

- Option to match destination formatting when pasting text, as an alternative to keeping source formatting.

- Import text from plain text (.txt) files.

- Import text and images from HTML webpages.**

- Various minor interface improvements.

- Fixes the following bugs:

- - Fixes a bug that prevented text from being pasted from certain applications (for example Microsoft Word). Plain text can now be pasted from these applications (match destination formatting only).

- - Fixes a bug that prevented the ‘Find’ feature from operating after a ‘Find’ dialogue had been cancelled.

- - Fixes a bug that prevented a new image from being added to a Section immediately after deleting a previous one.

* Actual displayed image size will also depend on screen resolution and user settings.

** The results from using this feature will vary greatly between webpages and no guarantees are offered as to the fidelity of the results.

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