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What was new in Version 01-01-00

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Version 01-01-00 was the first major update of FlexiWrite, and includes new features focussing on text processing and locating content. We are sure you'll love these new features and use them every day.

For a start, there's automatic Table of Contents creation. Whenever you have a document open, clicking the 'Show Contents' button, or clicking 'Navigate' - 'Show Contents' will generate and display an up to date Table of Contents where you can click on a Section name to be taken straight to that Section. You could try it in this document if you are using Version 1-01-00 or later.

Then there is Find, and Find & Replace. These are located in the Edit Menu, and include options for searching the current Section only, the current Chapter, or the whole Document.

You'll notice a whole new Menu in the Menu Bar - Tools. In this Menu you'll find Spell Check and Word Count.

Finally, in the 'Font Type' submenu within the 'Font' menu, you will find a range of fonts to choose from, in addition to the 'Serif' and 'Sans Serif' font families available previously.

There are also a variety of minor interface improvements in Version 1-01-00. I hope you enjoy using this version.

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