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Importing and exporting content from and to other file types

- NEW - Exporting webpages

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You can export Documents, or Sections or Chapters of Documents as webpages. These can then be published online so anyone can read them, without even having to download and install FlexiWrite. On a desktop or laptop, they look and feel just like FlexiWrite's native .dfti Documents, but they are fully responsive, so on a mobile or tablet in portrait mode they transform to give all the advantages of FlexiWrite on totally different displays.

To export a Document to webpages click 'File', go to 'Export' and choose whether you want to export just the current Section, the current Chapter, or the whole Document.

The webpages will be saved in a folder in the same location as the Document being exported. The folder will have a name in the form 'documentname-webpages'. If a folder with this name already exists in this loaction, you will be asked if you wish to overwrite the folder or give the new one a different name / save it in a different location.

You should upload the folder to the web whole, to ensure the webpages work properly.

That's all there is to it!

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