FlexiWriteTM In Depth Guide

Importing and exporting content from and to other file types

Importing text and images from webpages

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To import text and images from a webpage:

1. Click 'File', go to 'Import' and click 'Import from webpage'.

2. Read the information on the dialogue that appears. Click 'Yes' if you want to proceed.

3. a) If the webpage is a file located on your system, click 'Locate file' and use the file chooser to locate and open the file on your system.

3. b) If the webpage is on the web, locate it in a web browser (e.g. Edge, Safari, Firefox), then copy the URL from your browser address bar. Return to FlexiWrite and click 'Paste web URL'. Click 'OK'.

4. Using the subsequent dialogues, select whether you want to add the content from the webpage into a new document, or a new Chapter in the current Document, whether you want to save the current Document and where you want to save the current and new Documents etc.

5. Finally confirm that you want to begin the import. This may take up to several minutes depending on the amount of data in the webpage, internet speed, etc.

6. Check and edit the resulting .dfti document. It's important to understand that webpages and .dfti Documents are inherently very different. For this reason, you can expect some content to be missed, some to be duplicated, some to be badly formatted etc. You may need to delete some content or even whole sections. You may also need to copy some content manually. You may need to move some content between Sections.

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