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Finding content within a Document


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The Find feature can be found in the Edit Menu. Mouse over 'Find' and then click 'Find in Current Section' to search the currently displayed Section only, 'Find in Current Chapter', or 'Find in Whole Document'. Type the word or phrase you'd like to find in the dialogue box that appears.

If you select 'Find in Current Section', the Main Text and Section name of the current Section will be searched and matches will be marked with rows of red square brackets like [[this]].

If you choose 'Find in Current Chapter', the Chapter Name and Main Text and Section Names of all the Sections in the current Chapter will be searched. Matches will again be marked with red square brackets. Contents will be displayed with Section Names of Sections containing the search term marked with the words 'found in ***' in red, so you can instantly see which Sections contain the search term.

If you choose Find in Whole Document, the entire document, including the Title, is searched.

When you have finished and would like to remove the red square brackets and the words 'found in ***'; click the 'Done' button in the Tool Panel, or click 'Edit', go to 'Find', and click 'Clear Find Highlighting'.

Notes to help you get the best from Find:

- Find will return only the exact phrase you type. It will not find individual words within the phrase. So if you'd like to find several different words, search for them one at a time.

- Find is semi-case-insensitive. Whatever combination of upper and lower case you type, Find will return the word or phrase in the following common combinations of upper and lower case:


-- all lower case

-- Lower case with initial upper case

Find will also return the following patterns of upper and lower case:

-- Upper case initial letter, Rest As Typed

-- lower case initial letter, Rest As Typed

Initial upper case applies only to the whole phrase, not words within the phrase. So searching for 'Hello world' will return 'HELLO WORLD', 'hello world', and 'Hello world',

but not 'Hello World', while searching for 'Hello World' will return all four, as well as 'hello World. So if your word or phrase contains some lower case and some non-initial upper case, you should type it with the case of each character as you would expect to find it in the Document.

- Find will return whole words only, or strings of characters separated by spaces. It will not return strings of characters within words. So searching for 'in' will return 'in' and 'in.' but not 'within'; and searching for 'in.' will return 'in.' only if there is a space either side of it - not as part of a string or at the end of a paragraph.

- Find will not return words or phrases where formatting changes within the word or phrase. So searching for 'search' will not return 'search' or 'search', but will return 'search'.

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