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Creating and editing a document

Using Spell Check

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To run a Spell Check click 'Tools', go to 'Spell Check' and click 'Spell Check current Section', Spell Check current Chapter' or 'Spell Check whole Document', depending on what part of the document you'd like to Spell Check.

If you have not previously used FlexiWrite's Spell Check feature, or in some other circumstances, you will see a dialogue asking if you would like to locate a dictionary. It will be necessary to download and setup a suitable word list for use as a dictionary with FlexiWrite. Instructions for doing this can be found in the previous Section of this document.

If this is the first time you have used Spell Check in the current session (i.e. since you launched FlexiWrite most recently) you will be asked to confirm you'd like to load the dictionary. The dictionary may take several minutes to load depending on the file size. During this time FlexiWrite will not respond to mouse clicks or other input. Once the dictionary has loaded the Spell Check will be preformed straight away.

If you selected 'Spell Check current Section', the Main Text and Section name of the current Section will be searched and words not in the word list will be marked with rows of red square brackets like [[this]].

If you choose 'Spell Check current Chapter', the Chapter Name and Main Text and Section Names of all the Sections in the current Chapter will be searched. Words not in the word list will again be marked with red square brackets. Contents will be displayed with Section Names of Sections containing the search term marked with the words 'found in ***' in red, so you can instantly see which Sections contain potentially misspelled words.

If you choose Find in Whole Document, the entire document, including the Title, is searched.

You can then right click (or control click etc on a Mac) the marked words to see suggestions for correctly spelled words. Depending on version, you may see a popup menu with suggestions you can click to use to replace the misspelled one. Or you may see text including suggestions, in which case you can delete all but the required word.

When you have finished and would like to remove the red square brackets and the words 'found in ***'; click the 'Done' button in the Tool Panel, or click 'Tools', go to 'Spell Check', and click 'Clear Spell Check highlighting'.

Note that FlexiWrite does not currently feature a Grammar Check. If you require a Grammar Check, we recommend LanguageTool for its excellent grammar checking capability.

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