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Creating and editing a document

Using Find & Replace

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The Find & Replace feature can be found in the Edit Menu. Mouse over 'Find & Replace' and then click Find & Replace in Current Section to search the currently displayed Section only, Find & Replace in Current Chapter, or Find & Replace in Whole Document. Type the word or phrase you'd like to replace in the first dialogue box that appears, click OK, then type the word with which you'd like to replace it in the next dialogue box. Click OK again.

If you select Find & Replace in Current Section, the Main Text and Section Name of the current Section will be searched and matches replaced.

With Find & Replace in Current Chapter, Chapter Names are also searched, and with Find & Replace in Whole Document, Chapter Names and the Title are also searched.

Notes to help you get the best from Find & Replace:

- Find & Replace is case-sensitive. It will only search for the exact combination of upper and lower case that you type. And it will insert the replacement word or phrase exactly as you type it.

- Find & Replace will replace whole words only, or strings of characters separated by spaces. It will not replace strings of characters within words. So replacing 'in' with 'within' will not not change 'within' to 'withwithin'.

- Find & Replace will not replace words or phrases where formatting changes within the word or phrase. So replacing 'search' with 'find' will not replace 'search' or 'search', but will replace 'search'.

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