FlexiWriteTM In Depth Guide

Getting Started

Launching FlexiWriteTM and clicking around - what's where

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To Launch FlexiWrite in Windows, click 'FlexiWrite...' in your 'All Apps' / Start menu.

To launch FlexiWrite on a Mac, open your applications folder and double click 'FlexiWrite.app'. Alternatively open Launchpad and click the FlexiWrite icon.

Once FlexiWrite is running you will see a window similar to this one. You will find controls for all the functions in the menus near the top of the window, or in the Mac menu bar at the top of the display on a Mac. You will also find a Tool Panel with buttons for a selection of some of the most commonly used functions at the bottom left of the window.

The window has text panes for Title, Chapter name, Section name, and Main Text (for the actual text of each Section of the document). There is also an area on the left for an image to form part of the section.

Note that images in this document may vary from the appearance of FlexiWrite on your own system, depending on your operating system, settings/preferences and the version of FlexiWrite you are using. However the position of controls and other components should be largely similar.

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