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- NEW - Inserting hyperlinks (Pro)

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To insert a hyperlink, click 'Insert', go to 'Hyperlink' and click the appropriate item to insert a link to a webpage, email address or telephone number. If you want to add the link to an existing word or phrase, select the word or phrase by clicking and dragging over it first.

Links to webpages and email addresses work both in FlexiWrite (locked .dfti documents only), and in the exported webpages (see below). Links to phone numbers work only on exported webpages viewed on certain devices.

You will see a dialogue box where you can choose whether to type or paste the link. If you want to paste the link, you should copy it from source before clicking 'Paste...'. All links to web pages must include 'http://' or 'https://' (as appropriate) to work.

Next you will see a dialogue box asking for the text to display. This will default to the text selected, or if no text was selected to the url entered in the previous stage. However this text can be changed to any value manually without affecting the functioning of the link. Finally click 'OK' to insert the link.

Links can only be inserted in the Main Text Pane.

This feature is not available in FlexiWrite without a Pro licence key. Visit flexiwrite.com to buy a Pro licence key.

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