FlexiWriteTM In Depth Guide

Creating and editing a document

Manipulating images (dimensions and rotation)

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Image dimensions:

Many image files contain far more pixels than a typical monitor, and more pixels mean more data. That takes up more filespace and slows applications down. So it's often a good idea to reduce an image's dimensions when adding it to a document.

To reduce an image's dimensions, click 'Format', then go to 'Set image size (in file)', and click the width or height you want. Aspect ratio will be maintained.

The size you choose is the size, in pixels, that the image will be saved in within the Document. The actual displayed size may be smaller depending on monitor resolution and user settings.

It's important to note that if you select a small size the image may appear blurred on very large monitors or projectors, and may appear small on very high resolution monitors. Selecting a larger size than the current will not restore lost pixels, so the image may then appear blurred. For this reason it is recommended that you only change the image size if you have access to the original image file to re-insert into the Document if necessary.

Rotate an image:

To rotate an image click 'Format', then go to 'Transform image' and click 'Rotate image clockwise' or 'Rotate image anti-clockwise'.

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