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Creating and editing a document

- NEW - Editing a locked Document (Pro)

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From time to time you may receive Documents that have been locked by their authors to prevent unauthorised editing by readers. Locked Documents can easily be recognised by the fact that all formatting controls (for example) will be ghosted (grey instead of black) and non-functional.

Note: you can still change font size in the normal way even when a Document is locked. This is left editable so readers can adjust it to compensate for monitor resolution and individual differences in vision, or visual impairments.

If you have a Pro licence key, and the Document author has provided you with the Document key file (with a filename in the form 'documentname.fwkey'), you can unlock the Document to make changes. First ensure that the Document key file is in the same folder/directory as the Document, then click 'File', 'Unlock Document'

Note that every time a Document is unlocked and re-locked, a new unique key file is created, so if you re-lock the edited Document before sending it back to the original author, you will have to send the new key file as well, as he/she will not be able to unlock it with the original key file.

This feature is not available in FlexiWrite without a Pro licence key. Visit flexiwrite.com to buy a Pro licence key.

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