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Controlling who can edit your Documents

- NEW - Using 'Lock Document' and .fwkey files (Pro)

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With a Pro licence key you can lock your .dfti Documents so your readers cannot edit them.* Readers of a locked document will not have access to the editing features of FlexiWrite, with the exception of font size - this is left editable so readers can adjust it to compensate for monitor resolution and individual differences in vision, or visual impairments.

To lock a document, simply click 'File', 'Lock Document'. A key file will be produced with a filename in the form 'documentname.fwkey' and this will be saved in the same folder/directory as the Document being locked. With this key file present in the same folder/directory as the Document, it is possible to unlock the document to make further changes by clicking 'File', 'Unlock Document' (Pro only).

Distributing the .dfti document alone, without the key file, essentially provides readers with a read-only Document. Should you wish to allow some readers to edit the Document, simply send those readers the key file along with the Document itself. Note that only Pro users will be able to unlock the Document with the key file.

Note also that every time a Document is unlocked and re-locked, a new unique key file is created, so you can only unlock a Document with the key file produced the most recent time the Document was locked.

This feature is not available in FlexiWrite without a Pro licence key. Visit flexiwrite.com to buy a Pro licence key.

* Prevents editing using current/recent versions of FlexiWrite (except font size). Determined and technically accomplished individuals may be able to edit the documents using other software.

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