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Reviewing a Document

Word Count

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To use Word Count click 'Tools', then go to 'Word Count' and click one of the options depending on whether you want the word count for the current Section only, current Chapter, or the whole Document.

The Word Count is initially displayed in a dialogue box. Two figures are given - one including headings and one for the Main Text only. Which headings are included depends on whether you chose current Section, current Chapter or whole Document above.

In unlocked Documents you are also given the option to append the Word Count to the Section text, the end of the Chapter or the end of the Document (which option depends on which option you selected above). If you selected 'Current Section', the word count is appended to the Main Text of that Section, if you selected 'Current Chapter', a new Section is inserted at the end of the Chapter with the Word Count, and if you selected 'Whole Document' a new Chapter is inserted at the end of the Document with the Word Count.

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