FlexiWriteTM In Depth Guide

FlexiWriteTM Pro

How to get FlexiWriteTM Pro

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1. Download and install FlexiWrite.

2. Launch FlexiWrite and click 'Help', 'FlexiWrite Pro', 'Get Pro licence (web)'. You will be taken to flexiwrite.com, where you can buy and download a Pro licence key.

3. Once you have downloaded your key, click 'Help', 'FlexiWrite Pro', 'Add Pro licence to FlexiWrite'.

4. You will be asked for your name, address and date of birth. These are added to the licence key on your computer only. They are not sent over the internet, collected by Samuel Green or his employees or agents, or sold or given to third parties.

5. You will be encouraged to back up your key file so you don't have to pay for another if anything goes wrong with the copy on your computer. You will then be congratulated and welcomed to FlexiWrite Pro.

Note that Pro license keys are added on a per user bases, however, under the FlexiWrite EULA the same license key may be added to any number of user accounts on the same computer.

Note also that while you will normally only have to add a Pro license key to each user account on a computer once for a given version of FlexiWrite, there may be situations, particularly when using a non-installed copy of FlexiWrite on different machines, that you may have to add the key for every session.

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