FlexiWriteTM In Depth Guide

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Downloading and installing FlexiWriteTM

Uninstalling FlexiWriteTM

Launching FlexiWriteTM and clicking around - what's where

A note on temporary folders

Important Note for those distributing .dfti (FlexiWrite) documents

A note on characters to avoid

- NEW - A note on closing FlexiWriteTM on a Mac

Chapter 2

FlexiWriteTM Pro

- NEW - Why Pro?

How to get FlexiWriteTM Pro

Chapter 3

What's new

Overview of what's new in Version 01-03-00

What was new in Version 01-02-00

What was new in Version 01-01-00

Chapter 4

Opening and reading a document

Opening a document

Reading a document - including moving between sections and chapters

Setting the size of the images you see.

Chapter 5

Importing and exporting content from and to other file types

- NEW - Exporting webpages

- NEW - Exporting images from a Document (Pro)

Importing text from plain text files

Importing text and images from webpages

Chapter 6

Finding content within a Document

Auto Table of Contents


Chapter 7

Creating and editing a document

Creating and saving a document

Typing text into a document

Setting up a dictionary for use with Spell Check

Using Spell Check

- NEW - Adding Chapters and Sections

Using Find & Replace

Adding an image

Formatting text

- NEW - Inserting hyperlinks (Pro)

- NEW - Changing case

Manipulating images (dimensions and rotation)

Deleting sections and removing images

- NEW - Editing a locked Document (Pro)

Chapter 8

Controlling who can edit your Documents

- NEW - Using 'Lock Document' and .fwkey files (Pro)

Chapter 9

Reviewing a Document

Word Count

Chapter 10

Viewing several documents at once

- NEW - How to view more than one document at once (Pro)

Chapter 11

Keeping FlexiWriteTM up to date

Checking for Updates

Chapter 12

More info

Getting more help