Guide to selecting the right version of FlexiWriteTM

First determine your operating system.

If you do not already know which operating system you are using it is probably Windows.  Most desktops and laptops run windows, and most people who use other operating systems have made a conscious choice to do so.

You can identify a Windows system by the taskbar that extends right across the bottom of the monitor and has a Windows logo at the left hand end.  You can identify a Mac system by the menu bar at the top of the monitor with an Apple logo at the left hand end.

If you are using a Mac, that's all you need to know; just go ahead and download the Mac version. If you are using Windows or Linux you next need to determine whether you have administrator/superuser privileges.

If you own or are responsible for maintaining the computer, you will probably be an administrator/superuser.  In this case you will want one of the system-wide install downloads.  If you are using a computer owned by another person or organization, you will generally not be an administrator/superuser.  In this case you will need one of the non-installed portables.

You might also consider a non-installed portable if you use public computers, or a large number of computers at your organization.  The non-installed portables can be kept on a memory pen and used on any compatible machine.  Bare in mind that some features will not work when moving between computers; such as setting a default dictionary.

Determine if your system is 64 or 32 bit (Windows & Linux only).

In Windows 10 go to 'Settings', 'System', 'About' (scroll down on the left hand side), look for 'System type'  under 'PC' on the right.

In Linux type uname -m into the command line.  Output will be x86_64 (64 bit) or i686 (32 bit).

For other systems please search the web for e.g. 'Windows 8.1 64 32 bit how to tell'.

If you are unsure of whether your system is 64 or 32 bit, please note that the 32 bit version of FlexiWrite will run on 64 as well as 32 bit systems, albeit with sub-optimal performance on the former.  For this reason we would also recommend downloading a 32 bit version if you will be using a portable on a large number of computers, unless you are sure all the machines you will use are 64 bit.

If you are still unsure which version to use, we suggest trying the Windows 32 bit non-installed portable first.  This will work on many systems, albeit with sub-optimal performance on some.

Why is there only one Mac download?

All Mac systems have been 64 bit since long before FlexiWrite even existed.  Due to the nature of the installation process, the same download can be used as a system-wide install or a non-installed portable.