What's New

22 June 2019:  Version 2-00-01 Alder

What's new in Version 2-00-01 Alder:

- Format whole documents with a few clicks thanks to stylesheet based formatting.  No need to go through whole document formatting each section in turn.

- Several new formatting options including background colour and margin.

- Themes allow an instant document makeover, or a starting point and inspiration for your own formatting.  Free version gets 4 themes to choose from, pro gets 11 plus the option to save your own formatting as themes for future documents.

- Instantly toggle between document author's formatting and your chosen reader theme.

- Layouts let you arrange headings, text and media to suit your content.  Free version gets 3 layouts to choose from, pro gets 8.  All 8 layouts display correctly in free as well as pro version.

- Media gallery lets you add multiple images per section (in previous versions you were limited to one image per section).  Free version allows you to insert up to 3 images per section, pro version allows unlimited (except by system resources) images per section.

- Automatic image links in text let readers click to view the most relevant image.

- User preferences such as window size and default themes now saved for next session.

- Text highlighter (available in locked and unlocked documents).

- Two soft (context dependant) buttons give instant access to the most relevant features.

- Significant technical changes for reliability and future-proofing.

- Note that the import from webpage feature no longer imports images - these can be downloaded and then added using the image gallery.

- Paste (keep source formatting) is no longer available - match destination formatting is the only option.

11 November 2018:  Version 1-03-01

What's new in Version 1-03-01:

- Fixes a bug that caused the dictionary to have to be loaded separately into each new window (Pro only) - dictionary now only has to be loaded once per session, speeding up spellchecking and reducing system resource use.

- Fixes a bug that caused FlexiWrite to continue to run in the background after closing all windows on Windows systems (Pro only). FlexiWrite now quits/exits properly on all systems once all windows are closed.

- Various improvements to code for adding support files (i.e. setting default dictionaries and adding Pro licence keys) on macOS systems to make these processes more robust.

05 April 2018:  Version 1-03-00

What's new in Version 1-03-00:

- Enjoy the following new features with or without a Pro licence key (all versions):

- - Export documents as webpages.

- - - The beautiful webpages produced by FlexiWrite look and feel just like FlexiWrite's native .dfti documents, but use open web technologies (html and css) so you can put them on the web and anyone can read them in a browser without having to download FlexiWrite.

- - - The webpages are fully responsive so they look just as good, and work just as well, on a smart phone or tablet as they do on a desktop or laptop.

- - Improved open and save dialogues with quicker, easier navigation and more options.

- - Insert Chapters and Sections before current. This means it is now possible to add Chapters at the beginning of a Document and Sections at the beginning of a Chapter. Previously it was only possible to add Chapters and Sections after the currently displayed one.

- - Change case function. Options are: lower case, UPPER CASE, Initial upper case. Rest lower case, Initial upper case. Rest As Typed.

- - Various minor improvements.

- Mac versions only:

- - Menus are now in the Mac menu bar at the top of the display.

- - 'About FlexiWrite' menu item in 'FlexiWrite' menu works correctly.

- - Quitting FlexiWrite from 'FlexiWrite' menu or Dock icon menu works correctly, offering to save each open Document in turn and deleting temporary folders.

- - Access to files in iCloud.

- Fixes the following bug (all versions):

- - Fixes a bug that sometimes caused images to be copied to the first Section of a new Chapter from elsewhere in the Document.

- New 'Pro' licence key available, giving access to the following exclusive features:

- - Support for multi-instancing - view and work on more than one .dfti document at a time. Just click 'File', 'New Document' to open an additional window.

- - Lock .dfti documents (make read-only) to prevent editing by your readers.*

- - - Other FlexiWrite Pro users can unlock the documents if the author provides them with the key file produced when locking the document.

- - Add hyperlinks to your documents.

- - - Links to webpages and email addresses work both in FlexiWrite (locked .dfti documents only), and in the exported webpages. Links to phone numbers work only on exported webpages viewed on certain devices.

- - Export images from unlocked .dfti documents. (Note that images from other authors are likely to be subject to copyright.)

Visit flexiwrite.com to get your Pro licence key.

* Prevents editing using current/recent versions of FlexiWrite (except font size). Determined and technically accomplished individuals may be able to edit the documents using other software.

15 October 2017:  Version 1-02-01

What's new in Version 1-02-01:

 - Fixes a bug that prevented the 'Rotate image' function from working immediately after inserting an image and before changing between sections, and caused the image to be deleted when doing so.

11 May 2017:  Version 1-02-00

What’s new in Version 1-02-00:

 - Option to reduce image dimensions (in pixels) to a range of predefined sizes.  This reduces file size and speeds up Section loading.  Saves to file.*

 - Reader can select between three Image Pane sizes to optimise use of screen-space.  Images will then scale to fit the Pane.  Or select automatic to allow FlexiWrite to choose the best Image Pane size for each image.  Does not save to file.

 - Rotate image clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Saves to file.

 - Option to show images in the automatic Table of Contents.

 - Option to match destination formatting when pasting text, as an alternative to keeping source formatting.

 - Import text from plain text (.txt) files.

 - Import text and images from HTML webpages.**

 - Various minor interface improvements.

 - Fixes the following bugs:

 - - Fixes a bug that prevented text from being pasted from certain applications (for example Microsoft Word).  Plain text can now be pasted from these applications (match destination formatting only).

 - - Fixes a bug that prevented the ‘Find’ feature from operating after a ‘Find’ dialogue had been cancelled.

 - - Fixes a bug that prevented a new image from being added to a Section immediately after deleting a previous one.

 - - Fixes a bug that caused some text and controls to appear excessively small on some Windows systems.

* Actual displayed image size will also depend on screen resolution and user settings.

** The results from using this feature will vary greatly between webpages and no guarantees are offered as to the fidelity of the results.

26 December 2016:  Version 1-01-00.

What's new in version 1-01-00:

 - Find

 - Find & Replace

 - Up to twenty fonts available to use, in addition to the two font families available previously*

 - Spell Check**

 - Word Count

 - Automatic clickable table of contents creation

 - Remembers reader’s place when document is closed and reopened (last saved Section)

 - Various minor interface improvements

*Specific fonts must be installed on system to be used.  Fonts have been chosen for wide availability.

**Requires separate third-party download (word list).

14 May 2016:  Version 1-00-01.

What's new in version 1-00-01:

 - Added clickable links to help menu, so you no longer have to type the addresses into your browser or email client manually.

 - Fixed the broken link for the “Check for Updates” function.

 - Added ‘confirm’ dialogue box to the “Remove Image” function to avoid accidental deletion of images.

 - Updated code for displaying the interface to ensure compatibility with future versions of Java.

22 April 2016:  Version 1-00-00. 

Original FlexiWrite release.

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