Version 02-00-01 Alder.

Please download the FlexiWrite version for your operating system, below. This also contains a Quickstart Guide.

Once downloaded, you will have to extract the zipped folder or open the disk image as appropriate.  Double clicking it may not be sufficient - you may have to right click and then click 'decompress', 'unzip' etc, or use 'Archive tools', 'Extract all' with Windows explorer, for example. On a Mac it may be necessary to drag items out of the disk image into Documents (for example) before they will work properly.

Next follow the instructions in FlexiWrite-Setup.html within the download.

Operating System
FlexiWrite downloads
System requirements
Download for Windows (installed & portable)
Windows 7, SP1 or later
250MB disc space
Java 11 (link provided)
Download for Mac (installed)
Download for Mac (portable)
Mac OS X / macOS 10.11 or later
250MB disc space
Download for Linux (installed & portable) Oracle or Red Hat 6.x or later, Ubuntu 18.04 or later, etc.
250MB disc space
Java 11 (link provided)

Which is right for you, FlexiWrite Alder Free or Pro?

Free Pro
Features - Create, edit and read documents.

- Format documents.

- Review documents with spellcheck, wordcount etc.

- Export documents as webpages.

- And more
- Everything in free version, plus:

- Additional layouts and themes, plus save your own themes.

- Add hyperlinks.

- Lock documents so your readers can't edit them.

- Add more than three images per section.

- And more

See full feature comparison and what's new in this version, here.

How to get Download and install the correct version for your system, above. Download and install the correct version for your system, above, then buy a Pro licence key.

Windows users:  you may see a 'Windows protected your PC...' message during installation.  If so, click 'More info' and then 'Run anyway'.

Mac users:  the first time you launch this version of FlexiWrite, you may have to right/control click the FlexiWrite icon, then click 'Open' and confirm on a dialogue that you wish to run the application.

Linux users:  I don't have access to a Linux system so can't test the Linux downloads and can't offer any guarantees about how well FlexiWrite will work on your systems.  I'd be very interested in your feedback!

Important Notes for those distributing .dfti (FlexiWrite) documents 

It has come to my attention that some operating systems are incorrectly removing the file extensions when downloading DFTI documents, meaning FlexiWrite is unable to open them. I therefor strongly recommend compressing (zipping) all DFTI documents before publishing them on the web or emailing them. This does not apply when publishing webpages exported from FlexiWrite. 

From version 1-01-00, FlexiWrite's .dfti documents remember where the reader got to - that is, when closed and reopened they open with the Section that was last saved. So if you are distributing FlexiWrite's .dfti documents it's important that when you've finished producing each document you click 'Navigate', 'First Section' before saving and closing if you want your readers to see the start of the document first.

Please note FlexiWrite is currently only available in English.

Web developers:  get an icon, with a link to this page, to add to your websites here.  The icon makes it quick and easy for your readers to download FlexiWrite.

Any problems with FlexiWriteTM, please contact me .**

Concerned about whether FlexiWriteTM is safe to download?  FlexiWrite has received a "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award, so you can rest assured it is safe to download and use.  You can see the awards yourself here and here.

**Please note that I cannot guarantee a response to all emails.  If you do not hear from me please keep trying the download/installation as I may fix the problem.